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The Full Diamante, Costa Rica's Best Family Eco Adventure Park

A great place for the family. There is something to do for every age and ability.

By: John Brockmeier

Views of the ocean from this long and high zipline at Diamante Eco Adventure Park
The longest oceanview zipline in Costa Rica, Diamante Eco Adventure Park

I had heard about Diamante Eco Adventure Park even before moving to the Coco area of Costa Rica. Looking forward to my first visit to the park, I could barely contain my excitement about the thrill of experiencing Central America’s longest side-by-side zip line. There had to be a good reason why this so-called Superman line is touted to be the world’s top of its class. Diamante, Costa Rica's Best Family Eco Adventure Park.

On arrival, we entered the gates and drove to the parking area, where a shuttle bus took us up the steep incline to the Diamante office. Being greeted with the full open Pacific panorama off Playa Matapalo was spectacular. The sense of tranquility was mesmerizing as we relaxed and enjoyed the view until everyone in our group arrived. Still, my anticipation of the coming adrenalin rush was no less intense during the wait. In due course, I discovered for myself what all the fuss is about. The Superman line lived up to all my heart-pounding expectations and then some. One of the interesting features I noticed was the self-braking system. Its advantages became apparent when a couple of older people in front of me were descending, and I wondered how they would handle stopping. Then it was my turn to be put on the line and sent whizzing down. Nearing the end, I realized that almost anyone can enjoy this experience regardless of athletic ability, thanks to the mechanism that automatically slows you down for a comfortable landing.

Diamante, Costa Rica's Best Family Eco Adventure Park, and safety is its highest priority.

After finishing the lines, we made a tour of the Diamante animal sanctuary. It was a rare opportunity to marvel up close at iconic Costa Rican species in natural enclosures that simulate their wildlife habitats. These animals are very well cared for, having been rescued and rehabilitated in circumstances that would make release into the wild not feasible for various reasons. Walking over the swinging bridge, we peered down at the hungry crocodiles, in awe of their massive size and power. The jaguar brothers, their playfulness belying a fierce appearance, seemed to be consciously entertaining the onlookers. A puma simply stared us down as we observed. Monkeys chattered and played to their audience’s delight. The highlight was seeing Lucy, Diamante’s legendary sloth. By lucky coincidence, we encountered her on the ground instead of in the canopy, where sloths spend most of their time. Entering the bird cage, we were also richly rewarded at the sight of so many species, including a stunning toucan. Lots of talkative parrots wanting to converse and a background chorus of chirping enhanced our multisensory experience.

We ended our visit to Diamante with a wonderful buffet lunch, again sitting back and relaxing against the magnificent ocean backdrop. We were already planning a future return trip for a horseback riding adventure, either in the backwoods or on the beach, and some ATV fun. Diamante Eco Adventure Park is a short 20-minute drive from Coco and about 40 minutes from the Flamingo area.

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